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Buwan Ng Wika

Posted on Monday the 18th of February 2008

“Children, tomorrow bring your Filipiñana attire”, that’s the familiar line of the teachers to the elementary students from Grade 1 to Grade 6. Yes, every August, there will be a date where all of them are obliged to wear Filipiñana. Even teachers and the whole staff of PSD are also obliged. Well that is just a part of celebrating a very special occasion, to be particular, The Buwan Ng Wika.

In the attempt to unite our people through understanding each other by means of having a national language, President Manuel L. Quezon paved the way on to having it legal. From then on, Filipino became our national language. Of course we need a language common to all of us so that we would understand one another. But language has more to say than it may seem. Through this word, we express our love, our variant emotions and feelings, our insights, the products of our mind, and many more. All of them we could express and show, through this one word.

Every year, most of us if not all, are excited when this month arrives. Competitions, like debates, poem recital, etc., are held during thus making the students, occupied. There were so many contests that took place to celebrate it just like the interpretation of the song “Bayan Ko”, of the Grade 6 students and a Filipino poem-recital of the Grade 5 students. Those were just some of the contests that happened in the intermediate level. In addition to this, the girl students wore colorful “Filipiñanas” while the boys wore “Barong Tagalog” and so did the teachers. After the contest the students went back to their respective classrooms for the preparation of their presentation for class program during the Card Giving Day. The winner in the contest of the “interpretation of song” was the one who presented in the culminating program for the “Buwan ng Wika”.

Through those activities, we can really show that even though we are far away from our native land, we still can really be a are part of celebrating and commemorating the Buwan Ng Wika.